A trash for customers?

Wouldn’t be a trash for customer data a good idea?
I mean for the customers.

Instead of deleting data and getting them deleted right away (at least AFAIK), there could be an option to move that data into a trash where it remains either for some (configurable) time and get deleted automatically or until the customer finally deletes it.
Pro would be that the customers could get back data that was accidentally deleted.
But also this would be trash data, the customer would actually have to pay for like regular data. Thus it could generate additional income for node operators and Storj.

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Default “trash” would lead to adding “trash” to your billing even if it stayed for a day. I like the Pro idea but that should be limited to data deleted in past 7 days.

Any data that stays on customer’s account would be chargeable because some customers might upload 100GB data and keep it under “trash” to avoid paying for it.

It’s a hard selling point. Customers want to pay less for data let alone “trash”.

This should be implemented on client level, not server-side. But your application can use a server-side move of course (it’s implemented).
So, your application creates a bucket called trash and moves objects to there instead of delete, then by schedule or request removes it out of there.

The same is possible to do within a bucket, using prefixes.

Perhaps the versioning could be used like this, when it would be implemented: Object Versioning · Issue #23 · storj/roadmap · GitHub


I am not saying that a customer cannot delete his data right away if he wishes to do so. Of course he can and then he does not have to pay for it.

However if he wishes to move his data into a trash folder first to be able to undelete in case he made a mistake, then of course he has to pay for the data that remains stored in his trash folder for the time it remains in trash until it finally gets deleted.

And of course they need to pay for their trash otherwise they could move live data into the trash and go for free.

Actually same idea like here:

I don’t know who posted it first.

One Idea is, if a costumer deletes stuff, it’s moved to trash. So he doesn’t have to pay for it. After 7 days or so, it will get deleted permanent. But If he recovers the data within the time window, he has to pay for the data like it was never deleted. (Repay the time it was in trash)

This data is still stored on the nodes as a regular data, why Operators should not be paid for the service?
Please do not confuse trash folder on the node - it’s a technical part of the protocol implementation, it’s unrelated to the customer’s proposed trash bin.

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