Ability to see past months data ingress / egress graphs on webdash

Today we cannot see any real data statistics in the SNOboard / dashboard
it being the first of october, we start at zero… in the dash, we cannot share or compare data of the past, because we basically don’t have access to it…

i suggest adding a button much like payment history, so that we can see previous months and maybe yearly graphs of how our node is progressing…

i do understand the the yearly graph type thing may take some work… but just getting access to the already existing data from past months would be great and a nice feature in the dashboard / SNOboard
which should be easy to implement and a great Quality of Life improvement for most users of the SNOboard / dashboard / webdash

I totally agree :slight_smile:

I just got my node up and running a couple weeks ago, so this is the first week of a new period. I was surprised to see the charts/stats completely reset and I don’t see a way to view previous periods. I’d like to select a different month where the node was active and have the stats charts up date. And have a running view of something like last 2wks or last 30days.

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Currently you can do that by using earnings calculator

cool that it exists, but icky (I’m on Mac/docker):


If you are running Docker on Windows or MacOS, stop the node, copy the bandwidth.db, storage_usage.db, piece_spaced_used.db, reputation.db and heldamount.db to a different location and run the script from there. Running the script on docker nodes on these OS’s while the node is using it could lead to corruption of the database, which will kill the node.

and not nearly as pretty as the little web report. – I’ll go play with it a bit. It’s an ok stopgap, but still request it as a first class feature enhancement.

That idea was already suggested a couple of days ago :upside_down_face:

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