Abnormal storage visualisation and extra high traffic

The bandwidth utilization doesn’t necessary will be stored on your disk - it can be canceled during the road, it also doesn’t include deletions, but includes downloads. So, the bandwidth usage likely will never match the disk usage.

What you would need to compare is the graph Average Disk Space Used This Month on the left side (this is what satellites knows about your signed by the customers space usage) and the usage on a pie chart on the right side.
However, the left graph now doesn’t contain the usage of US1 satellite, see

Regarding usage reported by the OS: it’s reported in binary measure units (GiB), but they used a wrong name for the measure units (GB). The storagenode software uses SI measure units (base 10).
So 14.5TiB reported by OS is actually 15.94TB in SI.
The used space reported by OS for the trash is again 235GB (or 218 GiB).

However, all discrepancies are related to not updated databases. They are updated, when all filewalkers are finished successfully for all satellites.

You may check the filewalkers status: