Avg disk space used dropped with 60-70%

Is this something with the satellite again? Or just deletion of 300TB+ of data?


I am seeing this too on more than one node and more than one satellite.

Can you check your API?

Under api/sno/satellite/1wFTAgs9DP5RSnCqKV1eLf6N9wtk4EAtmN5DpSxcs8EjT69tGE (Saltlake) I see

{"atRestTotal":0,"atRestTotalBytes":0,"intervalInHours":-17736999,"intervalStart":"2024-06-06T00:00:00Z"}] for last interval of storageDaily.


Its the satellite not sending out the stats, not deletion of data.
You can see this by filtering the graph to only show US1, which reports 0B for the last couple of days.
Unless the whole of US1 has been wiped clean, which I find unlikely, its just the stats taking longer than usual to be sent out.


What interval start is this?
Because it looks normal.

But I do not have it on all satellites either. So maybe you have other satellites where is wrong. You can check each satellite id and see if you find something strange. Their ids are listed under /api/sno/

:grinning: Hopefully not. :joy:

Hmm it’s still like this on all of my nodes

Yes, I have a similar pattern on all my nodes.
One of them got filled up by this test data, now shows a huge drop in “Disk Space Used” graph but is still full.
It’s almost like the satellite is no longer counting the test data but hasn’t actually deleted it yet.

Yes, I can confirm, US1 doesn’t send usage reports to my nodes too

Notified the team.

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Hello out there,

since 06.06.2024 i get no disc space reported in the gui.

As you can see, i have 1.5TB used, not 200 like the reported ones on the gui.

When I do the math from the payout page: 154.95GBm until now. I can calculate that to 155/7*31 = 686GBm. This is far away from the 900-1500 which is used through the days.

What can I do to fix that? I am using the docker container, and storj is running at 1.104.5

Have a nice day.

This seems to be an issue with the reporting in US1.
A few of us have already noticed it and @Alexey has notified the relevant people. :slight_smile:


I’m seeing the same here with Saltlake as well… EU1 and AP1 are fine, Saltlake and US1 are not

I see only US1, which is kind of expected:

Saltlake doesn’t have any issues on my nodes. Do you have some related errors in your logs?

Same problem here. No updates from SLC and US1.

This what I have showing on both US1 and Salt lake

So? Any updates on this?

Since it’s just an external reporting issue… and not related to payouts… I think we do the same thing as the last time this happened. Wait patiently :slight_smile:


You were right, SLC now shows zero on my nodes too.

Hi Alexey,

Got any update on this?


For me it looks that we havent got paid accordingly between 6-9 june and now it seems being a problem again?

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You will be paid, it’s only a reporting issue. The payouts processed by received signed orders from your node. So, if these orders are not lost on your side and successfully sent, your node will be paid.
You may use

to check if there could be a discrepancy next month.