About Free Plan

Are those of us who take free plan in Storj charged a monthly fee?

Hello @ahmadassayyaaf ,

Storj DCS free plan has a 25 GB storage limit and 25 GB egress limit.
There is no monthly fee.

If you require more storage and egress, the Pro plan charges only for what you use.
This page explains how usage is calculated.
How Billing is Calculated - Storj DCS Docs


Everyone is billed. And everyone have a free tier coupon. If your usage would not be greater than a free tier coupon, your default payment method will not be charged.
If you would use more, you will pay only a difference. However, if you do not have a payment method, your account will have free tier limits, which would not allow you to use more than a free tier allowance.


How Storj calculate the bill? In the free tier, we get 25GB of free space. For example, if I use 20gb, will I get a monthly bill that we have to pay?

You will get an invoice with included free tier coupon. With the usage not greater than this coupon the payment due will be zero. So, no, you should not owe anything.
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