About node selection

I am planning to use Storj (Tardigrade) in to my one of the proj. Can I use my own storage(hard drive, servers) as a node and do I have to pay for this storage. This storage is in storj network or in my own network will work?

Yes and yes. I am sharing a few TB but I also need a backup of my personal files. I have to pay for the service. The files I am uploading might or might not be stored on my own storage node. That doesn’t matter. For my oldest 6 TB storage node I am currently getting a $30 payout. For my backup I pay less then $10.

@littleskunk thanks for sharing your view. But my question Is can I use my own storage as node and same node as my storage in my private network. Like ipfs provide private network solution?

The satellite provides a list of storage nodes. Each node stores only a small portion of any given encrypted file.

So, no… it’s not possible to limit Storage Node storage to one particular node.

@littleskunk Ok got your point, now its clear.

Thanks, for the quick reply

You can setup a private network but you would need a satellite and enough storage nodes for that. Even if you do that it would not be the same as a tardigrade satellite. The tardigrade satellite is a cluster itself. If one DB server gets nuked you wouldn’t even notice that and could still access your files. In your own private network you would have to deal with all that yourself.