About reliability between linux binaries and docker

I’m trying to know what kind of node is more reliable

I have bad feedback from my personal perspective about docker and want to know what think the other operators here

Docker is fine if you run it on linux

Ive run in docker for 15 months and have had no problems that affect my ability to operate. Just small things that i cant say are related to docker. Plus the benefits of docker are nice.

For storage node there is no difference to run Linux binary on Linux or Linux binary in Linux docker container on Linux. Go executables are self-contained so the dependencies isolation that docker provides does not add any value. It pretty much serves as a unified software distribution channel.

On other host OSes it’s a different story. Docker on windows and macOS runs in a VM — so that’s another overhead. It may or may not be beneficial depending what else is running on the same computer.

I personally run storage node in FreeBSD jail natively.

Another factor is how much you dislike manual configuration.