About the categories

A lot of these categories are temporary in nature.
We are goign to launch with very few categories.
I would rather see a category become crowded, than have many categories that are empty

So, at public launch, we will probably only have SNO, DEVELOPER, ANNOUNCEMENTS, SUGGESTIONS and EVENTS

And I will be removing some of the subcategories. I think we have too many dead zones in RocketChat, so we are going minimalist for the forum (at first)

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I propose add subcategories for SNO, at least “hardware, troubleshooting, payments, doccumentation”.
At this moment I see no one.


Hey odmin, Our focus initially is on developers, so that area is being built out first

for the future, we will also be having only a few subcategories. But Discourse has a tags system. So for example, something such as “payments” would be a tag, not a category Thanks!

Hi Jocelyn,
Thanks for your explain! Now I understand how it work and now for first start priority is developers section. Thanks!

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I could imagine having one sub-topic for every language-binding - i.e. one for Java, one for C#/.Net etc. So I know where to start if I have a question coming from my “programmer-world”.

It may get to a point when that makes sense! but initially we’ll handle it via tags to avoid clutter

Ive tagged this post for an example