Access time logs/metadata per path


We are developing an application using Tardigrade and were hoping to get more insight into when our users are using Tardigrade storage.

Would it be possible to add a feature to Tardigrade that allows users (with appropriate permissions) to to see metadata about when paths have been accessed. Full logs of data accesses (reads/writes/created) would be perfect, but if that is not possible then information about the last read/write would still be helpful for our use case.

E.g. User1 would upload sj://bucket1/file1 . “Last write” and “created” would be set to the current time.
User1 would share access with User2, who would read sj://bucket1/file1 and “last read” would be set to the current time.

For our use case we don’t need this data to be actually stored as “metadata” on a Satellite. If it was accessible via an external API that would also work.



It sounds kind of like you are describing an audit trail. I can’t confirm is this is currently on our road map, but it feels like a logical progression of the platform.

If there is anymore detail I can find I’ll be sure to comment here.


Hey @pigfrown, this specific feature is not currently on our roadmap but it’s certainly something we can consider adding! I would love to learn more about your use case and what you are trying to achieve/ solve.


Yes an audit trail would be very useful, glad to hear that it might get added :slight_smile:

The use case is as follows:

We want to share read only access to a bucket/path with a 3rd party so they can download the files, but revoke the access macaroon after they have read the data. A log of accesses would accomplish this but other methods would also work. E.g. a macaroon that automatically expired after X uses. I just assumed that access logs would be useful in other use cases and be more likely to get implemented.