Accessing storj node web gui

I followed a guide to setup my node and did not know to swap -p with -p 14002:14002 to see it from my network. Its on an odroid and not sure how if possible to update the node without stopping the container first. Its been up for 3 weeks so killing it now I am sure I will lose this months payout and its not been up long enough for a graceful exit per the docs which show it needs to be up for at least 15 months. Any ideas?

The steps are the same for your issue. You can stop, remove the container and then edit the dashboard parameter.

Shutting down and removing container does not delete the stored data. You are safe to do that without any worries. In case of any doubts always ask :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thanks, just to double make sure, if I kill the container and rebuild( made some scripts to setup and build so already modded the build script ) I will for sure not loose the progress this month? This is my first month. Had some issues with the container restarting over and over when created which I fixed so this would be my first payout so I wanna make sure I won’t lose anything. Will take less than a minute for me to to stop, delete, and rebuild.

Yes you can stop, remove and create the container as many times as you want. Just make sure you follow the documentation for the docker command i.e. don’t add or change anything in the command without referencing the documentation. Good luck!

Highly appreciate the help, I will made the adjustments. New to running a storj node so sorry for the stupid question, just making sure I dont have a :man_facepalming: moment.

No need to apologize. Don’t feel shy to ask any question whatsoever. We are all here to help and grow together :slight_smile:

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I do not like expression “rebuild”. What exactly your script is doing?
You should NOT run it with SETUP=true
You should NOT generate a new identity
You should NOT remove data and/or identity
These actions must be performed only once for entire node’s life.

Doing that in the second time could destroy your node and lead to disqualification.


if you read the solution you will see we are talking about the docker container and nothing else, as nerdatwork stated, stop the container, remove the container, and start the container with the correct values. At no point was identity mentioned.

@Alexey is our super technical guardian angel around here, he’s just making extra-sure you’re not about to nuke your data :wink: