I was just wondering about the URL: When I set permissions to allow write and/or delete to a bucket, I can use the URL to share or download. But is there a way to delete or upload items via the URL as well?

Hi @jammerdan, it’s not possible. At least now.
However, if an access grant in the link is created with write and delete permissions, you can import it to FileZilla or uplink and upload/delete objects.

I’m guessing you’re already aware of the FileZilla integration since youre a longtime member, but Just in case you need it, here is a link to a place where you can get it .
FileZilla | Storj DCS

Please note that this is for the free version of FileZilla, and that usage of GatewayMT would require the paid version.

Thanks @jocelyn. That’s what I have thought.

It seems that only download and list is implemented at this time.
I think it would be a good feature especially for collaboration, if upload and delete would be possible via the linkshare portal as well without requiring any additional application.