Actively support zksync adoption

I like the solution adopted by Storj for avoiding the high fees on the ethereum network but currently it only resolve half of the problem until the use of this dosen’t grow.
I think that first of all Storj have to support zksync not only for sending payments to operators but even for receiving payment from the Tardigrade customers. If we want to bet on this technology we must do everything to support it and help its diffusion.
Also we absolutely need a way to exchange our L2 storjs with more diffused coins, it could be awesome if Storj can promote this to some exchange, even better if with some one that already support another L2 scaling solutions like lightning network (here a list)
I am happy that storj no longer has to throw away money in fees, maybe part of this saved money can be invested for these purposes


Looks like nobody is interested in this :disappointed_relieved:
Anyway I’m trying to make contact with Boltz.Exchange
Maybe someone that found this usefull can support with a reply or a like