Add a small email SMTP client to the Node

Would be great to have a small SMTP client in the Node software, so each Node operator can connect to a SMTP server (own server, or a publicly available like Google) and so enable the Node to send notifications messages, like for example:

  • status changes, online, offline
  • bandwidth limit reached, or close to it
  • hard disk limit reached
  • errors and notifications in the Node
  • a copy of the log once a day

You can use other monitoring systems, like zabbix for this. I do not think that doing self-monitoring would be that useful and worth the effort.
After all, if the node goes offline for some reason (crash or just a problem with your internet connection), it won’t be able to send you the email.

I would it like if they added some more information to the API (success, fail counts, service time etc), but IMO doing a complete self-monitoring would be not worth it.


Is there a API? please share more with me.

It is what the dashboard uses, but has a bit more information.

Other than that, you can parse the logs to get the service time, requests/second, upload success rate etc.


or a IRC client so we could chat with the node.