Add info about the statistical model for reputation and node selection to faq

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people do not like black boxes. A detailed section about vetting and node performance indicators would be quite helpful. The fact that i needed to adjust my google search three times to find this blog again, might also indicate that such valueable information should be stored somewhere around the faqs.

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That post was… aspirational. :slight_smile:

The current system is a lot more all or nothing and your reputation basically consists of the scores you see on your dashboard. They may be testing with statistical reputation models in the background, but as of now, no such model is being used to effect network behavior.

It’s not a black box however, there are tons of design documents for the scoring systems that can be found here:

Furthermore, the entire code is open source if you want to go into more detail even.

But in short nodes will be selected at the same rate if they are online, not suspended and not disqualified and not full. There is only a distinction between vetted and unvetted nodes. 5% of each upload goes to unvetted nodes, the rest to vetted nodes.