Add more space to existent node or add a new node?

So, I’m running a node. it has 12TB now. I’m adding one disk to the raid so will be transparent for the machine to have more space. Will be easy.
But, is better to add more space to 1 node or to have several nodes?


My aproach is HDD per Node. If something go wrong, you will not loose all hdds data with different nodes. Mantainig is litle harder. So it is always up to you what to use. I have 20+ nodes with windows GUI.
And i have lost some because of my mistakes.

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Thanks for your reply!

Well I have all in raid 5 on server hardware, so loosing the HDD wont be a problem.

You can run different nodes inside the same Windows GUI?
Thanks again!

I run 5-6 Windows GUI nodes on 1 windows. I made spacial toolbox, that can install aditional nodes.

Raid 5 is slow, and not recomended for big disks. Also you will loose space on redundecy. Space make money.

Since you are currently “paying” for your redundant disk configuration with one “wasted” disk of parity data you should add the disk to this as it will dilute the waste a little.
And it is just easier.
I went the other way and ended up with 4 nodes on one single disk - how mad is that!?

I have 120 MB/s writing speeds and almost 800Mb/s reading, so, is not “slow”

And I already had the hardware. I prefer to run the node longer time without loosing it to a failing disk than “make more money using the spare disk”.

Thanks for the reply! I didnt know that I can ran several nodes on same machine. that nice.

I have a rack with a/c I’m planing to re invest the money, and buy raspi 4. and rack them, with a node on each one.

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this is nice and scalable solution

The problem with the pi 4 is that you end up wasting an sd card for boot. There is some movement on this and the beta/stable firmware can now USB boot but I can only get it to work on raspberry os currently. On the positive side, (as I implied above), the pi 4 will run 4 nodes OK.
If your disks are 3.5" you’ll need a separate power supply for the pi 4 and the disk, so that’s waste too.

Did you already purchase your new disk?

Hi Sir,
Im planning to add also node on a single windows. Do you have procedures how to do that? thanks

Search here Toolbox, it can install aditional node for you, just need to find first windows gui node, then add info it need and push install. It will add it for you.

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