Add new node on difference PC

Hello everyone!
I am just new, I already have a node operator is running on my PC . But now I have a new PC with Windows Server 2012 and I want to add node on this machine. What and how can I do. Thanks a lots for your help!
V Jack

Hello @vhuynh2014,
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  1. Generate a new identity
  2. Sign with a new authorization token
  3. Setup the second node with a different external port.
  4. Add an inbound firewall rule for the 28967 TCP port
  5. Make port forwarding from that different external port to the new PC and 28967

Hi, I write here without opening a new thread. I have 4 active nodes, one I activated yesterday. But can I put different wallet addresses on different nodes? I have entered the MEW wallets on three nodes and the BINANCE wallet on another. It can be done? The 4 nodes are all with the same identity authorization email.
Thank you

No, this is violating the ToS. Please use one single payout address for all your nodes.

Also, it is not advised to use an exchange address, but rather an ERC-20 address you actually own the private keys to. Otherwise, if something on, e.g., Binance’s side goes wrong, you will lose your payout.


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