Add number of downloads as new limit option for Access Grants

Thanks for coming back to this and serious consideration.

Maybe it is not the best example, but I don’t think so. What does a festival do? They have to download the movie to their projector. I believe allowing a limited number of downloads work better than agreeing on specific time frames as to when the download has to take place.

I believe an option to limit the number of downloads is a valuable security option, which is very important for media creators to keep control over their work in such way as to how many times it can be downloaded so that sensitive content cannot spread further than originally intended.
I believe while sourcing links for my suggestions for Storj Labs business development that limiting the number of downloads was part of a security consideration of software for media professionals, but I did not find the link anymore.

It could also help in case of misconfiguration and unwanted leaks and I even suggested a option to restrict by IP address.

I understand this technical challenge, but this

wouldn’t that lead to potentially partially downloads as well when the cap has been reached?

I am also thinking of guys like this one who might be interested to have his share link up as long as it can, but still has cost control over it by controlling how many times it can be downloaded.

I also had my own links up for sharing in this forum. And also personally I would have favored setting a number of downloads than a time limit for the shares in that post.