Distribution algorithm for node selection

I had uploaded 2 bigger files: File1 and File2 (Map creation takes a while)

Both show that the distribution of pieces is mainly in the Europe and North America region and I am wondering if this is a desired outcome.
In terms of redundancy and fast worldwide access, I would have expected a broader distribution. Both files seem to have not a single pieces stored in Australia very few in the Asia/Pacific region anyway. Almost none in Africa and very few again in South America.
What is the reason for that? I assume it is that the fastest nodes get selected, which might naturally be closer to where the uploader is. I wonder if such an outcome is really a good one or if the pieces should be broader distributed over all geographical regions for the reasons above.

On: https://storjnet.info/ you can see that there a basically no nodes in Afrika, while most of the nodes are in Germany.

Is it normal that I can’t see the background map ?

It’s a known bug iirc


Yes I know that. But there are quite a few in the Asian-Pacific region.
I am exaggerating a bit, but imagine Germany or Europe goes blackout, then a good distribution is the key for data to remain accessible.
But it is not only for redundancy, I am playing media professional again, maybe distribution of some work to Asia or even Australia or collaborating with an Australian production company. For such a scenario a broad distribution over all regions would also be beneficial. At least I assume it would.

Unrelated question about the “share” links you posted that show the distribution “map”. There’s a download link on that page. I assume if I click that, then I’d download the file? Do you want people to be able to download that file? Also, if people do download, who pays for that?

Maybe unrelated but a good catch. I wish there was a way to only display the map without download option.
I think downloading does no longer work as the quota is exceeded. Generally the account owner pays for the download. In this case it is a test account.

ah, okay, fair enough. was a little concerned #1 that you might have accidentally shared a personal file for anyone to download and #2 wanted to make sure that if someone did download, you wouldn’t be responsible for that bandwidth usage.

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Just a note on this - I’ve experienced LONG responsetimes on almost any link. This is very annoying, perhaps a rework to improve page load time is in order?

The fix is expected in the next release. The map is loading too long (third party) :confused:

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Here is another one: Link
It shows again that distribution is mainly the regions Europe and North America. Asia/Pacific, South America and Africa is only very few.


This error is still present. It is very annoying.

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