Add Storage Node name in the Dashboard


I have several Storage Nodes, behind the same IP (and then behind the same DDNS name, with different external ports).
When I want to go to the dashboards of my nodes, it’s sometimes difficult to see at a glance on which node I am.

So what do you think about displaying the node name on the GUI Dashboard?
Since each Docker container has a name, the Dashbaord could display this name, instead of just displaying the Node ID (which is useful but not really easy to remember ^^).

Add the Docker container name in the GUI Dashboard.

Thanks for your feedback!

I like it. I always have to think about the node name by substracting the dashboard port from the default port… so my node on :14005 is node 4… not conventient :smiley:


I like the idea as I encounter this as well. The problem is, there is no such thing as a storagenode name. I think the name you are referring to is the docker container name, which isn’t a storagenode property, but a docker thing. And it doesn’t exist on nodes that don’t run within docker.

I think the best that could be done is displaying the address, including the port.

And what about using a parameter in the config.yaml file to set the storagenode name?
If using Docker, this parameter could be set theough a variable environment in the Docker run command like:

Docker run -e NODENAME="Storagenode Node 1" ...

If not using Docker, this parameter could be set just by editing the config.yaml file


I was thinking the same thing. An environment variable/config entry for the node name.


Hahaha yeah, me too.
I hate it :joy:

Vote for the idea if you like it :slight_smile:

For this exact reason I set my dashboard ports to 15001/15002/etc. :stuck_out_tongue: