Add storj using different cryptocurrency

I would like to add some Storj to my so far free account, and use more data. I can either add them by card (no) or add storj via Coin Payments. This is fine, but it only lets me add storj if I had them already.

Coin Payments supports many different coins - would it be possible to let me checkout using any of them, and let them convert to storj I would then have credited to my account?

I even tried looking for ways to trade eg. bitcoin to storj and its nearly impossible. Traditional exchanges require full AML/KYC procedures which I will take no part in, and something like changelly could work, except they will often also hold funds hostage to KYC or straight up just steal them.

Is hosting a node myself the only way to anonymously get storj right now?


Use Defi exchange like Uniswap no KyC is needed.


You need to get a ridiculous amount of space and quickly become a hotspot for data before you start getting enough STORJ to start paying for your usage. Node operators are paid in STORJ, but the rewards are initially calculated in $. The rising price of the token, time it takes for the node to fill up, plus the Hold Back Amount means you will not see any $STORJ soon.

I know I sound bitter, but I am being a realist. I run 4 nodes using VPS that I pay for and have been doing it for a long time and will continue to do so. Expecting STORJ right away for hosting a node is something Node Operators should not do.