ADD to Dashboard peding payment

Hello, version 1.22.2 has been quickly released for zksync payments but the panel remains the same … we need to add in the dashboard, the accumulated / pending money, those that we have not reached the minimum for know how we are doing, but where do we know how much we are at the minimum? we need to know it on the dashboard. Thanks for implementing it in version 1.22.3 since this should already be implemented in 1.22.2 that this happened a long time (2 months) that the “small” nodes do not reach the minimum that things change, so the payments that supposedly you should, we must have it in dashboard. Thanks.

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v1.22.2 is just a normal release like all the other releases. It hasn’t been released quickly and it is also not a release just for zkSync.

Storage node dashboard API api/heldamount/paystubs/2021-01 will show it. See changelog.

Since this would be a point release could you give me a list of commit hashes that you would like to see in it? Otherwise, I have to point out that the next regular release will be v1.24.x (v1.23.0-rc is used internally for a satellite migration test)

Where did you read that? I am not aware that we would have promised something like that.

I also don’t think your demand is in the right order. I am missing the required satellite changes in order to display something on the storage node dashboard.