Add vetting status to Node Stats page

I noticed that many new operators and older operators with new nodes are understandably interested in checking their vetting status as the node matures.
It’s not easy to get this information, you need to run scripts.

Could you perhaps add vetting status to the node status page if this is below 100%?


I’d say that even if the node is vetted, some confirmation of this fact would be nice too. Otherwise there will be a bunch of questions «I don’t have the vetting indicator, what does this mean?»

And maybe, as this feels like a closely related information, whether it is already possible to GE the node. So maybe sth like this?

«35% vetted» / «fully vetted» / «vetted and capable of GE»

I’d prefer to have that in the voting category.

Quite happy to post it there as well.
Does it make a difference to the development team?

I really don’t know. But I would like to vote for it. :grin:

Done :wink:
(And Mary had a little lamb, it’s wool had over 20 characters… :stuck_out_tongue: )

(20 characters plague.)

Thanks for noting that.
This feature will be added to reputation table on MND (multi node dashboard).


That’s great news! Is it planned for the single node dashboard too?

We will stop support single node dashboard right after we will release MND as it will duplicate all the SNOBoard features and even more. So there will be no needs to support 2 products that will have same number of features


Will the single nodes keep their API endpoints then? Is multinode dashboard simply using these endpoints as well?

API points change almost every release with no notice. It’s not stable API anyway.

It was stable enough these past months. only small changes mostly.

If your point of reference is Facebook APIs, then sure…

Maybe once storj has been around as long as facebook :rofl:

Yes I agree, but I am wondering if external monitoring tools won’t work anymore after the normal node dashboard will no longer exist…

Storjlings don’t care about that, so you can’t predict whether the changes will affect monitoring. All they care is whether the API works with the current version of the dashboard. Because, you know, they need to iterate quickly.

External monitoring tools don’t rely on the dashboard, only on the API.

I’m pretty sure they do. That’s why last time they even announced a change in the API beforehand. It’s still not perfect how they handle their API but they do care about the community made monitoring solutions that rely on the API.

So I doubt they’ll just be dropping it.


god! as a new operator, that would be amazing. Trying to figure out the status is driving me insane. I got the storj_earnings python script but have yet to get it working.