Add zkSync L2 wallet deposit address to DCS Satellite Payments page

I currently operate a Storj node and chose to be paid out via zkSync L2 to reduce fees. In addition to this, I am also a consumer of the Storj DCS network and initially bought and deposited some Storj tokens into the Satellite Payments page to use as my primary form of payment.

My request is that we enable zkSync L2 deposits in addition to L1 deposits on the Satellite Payments page so that we can cheaply transfer our earned tokens from operating a node to the wallet used to pay for storage used on the DCS network. Currently the only way to do this is to convert coins multiple times and eventually get them on L1 and finally pay the huge L1 gas fee to transfer it to the specified L1 deposit address, this is very much not an ideal or easy flow and has me genuinely questioning if there is any point in operating a node due to the inability to use our Storj tokens from node payouts that live in our zkSync L2 wallets.

I believe that the team was waiting to fully finish the zkSync Era implementation for the SNOs before adding the feature on the customer payment method side. I have notified the dev team working on billing about your ask, so I hope we can get a response soon.


Hello @eli_liam ,
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It’s on our roadmap