Adding people to collaborate

Hi there!

New - and eager to learn as much as possible.
Two things of concern today:

  1. I have set up a pro account and would like to add the owner of the company so he can add a billing profile. Is he capable of doing that, or do is there a way to make him owner of the Storj account?

  2. For some reason, he’s not getting emails from Storj, but I am.
    He’s trying to sign up and join the team, but he’s not getting the confirmation email and his status in the users remains “invited”

We’ve been off and on with this for a few days and reaching the limit before the account is frozen.

Hello @klawzeus ,

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I’ve forwarded your inquiry to the Support Team and someone will reach out to assist you with your account changes.


There is no functionality to transfer an ownership of the project, you only may replace an email address via support request, this way he will become an owner of the whole account, then he may invite you and others.
The other workaround - he need to create a pro account and invite you and others to the project. This way he will be an owner of the project.

The invitation is working only for registered accounts on the same satellite, you cannot invite someone who doesn’t have an account already. So he need to register on the same satellite first, unless you would go with the first option.


Thanks for your reply!
We have a team of therapists coming on board, so this is good to know.

I have submitted a support request to have the email changed.