Additional info on Payout

This might sound like far fetched idea. But I would love to see some kind of report at the end of month for storage nodes. I mean we should be getting payed at the end of moth. Some of us run multiple nodes and yes we can see the metrics on the dashboards. But what if the satellites generated a file with all the satellites earnings and this would be publicly published.

This could allow multiple people to come together to setup a payout pool of sorts. Where multiple people use same wallet and convert to whatever they want. This would allow for transparency and also allow for simpler payouts.

I’m interested of what people think might be a viable option for small SNO`s as they would be able to get payments sooner.

In any world crypto or otherwise, having money in same wallet is not an option at all. All it takes is 1 bad actor and then everyone involved is going to call Storj for help to get “their money” back.

It was a recommendation. Possibly Storj Could integrate support for it, They could take a percentage cut. But it was just a recommendation I am aware but groups of people would most likely take teh opportunity.

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This is pretty much exactly the type of thing the zkSync L2 payout option will do. Except with control over the tokens ensured by a smart contract and tied to your private key to avoid the issues @nerdatwork outlined.


Oh ok didn’t know that, Hope to see the L2 online soon, excited about it.

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It is online:

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