Adobe Video Partnership page suggestion


I cannot answer in that category, so I put it here:

First of all congrats :partying_face: , this sounds like a great achievement. I certainly would not mind a blog post detailing a bit more what can be expected from that partnership.

But in any case I would suggest to overhaul the content of that partner sup-page:

I think it would be worth to put some effort into it so it stands out. The way it is now i think it is not very appealing. I don’t want to make many suggestions just one, the claim “Building The Decentralized Future” is so meaningless and doesn’t even give a hint about what Storj has to offer.

Let’s compare it with Wasabi:

Simple, affordable, fast and secure cloud storage

Anyone who reads that understands it immediately. If somebody is looking for a storage solution he would rather click on the Wasabi link than on the Storj link.

And if possible you maybe should put some demo link on there either a demo movie or the explainer.


Even worse, someone who is interested in cloud storage can click on the only and very visible link

How do I use Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud with Wasabi?

And gets a step by step explanation on how to integrate it. STORJ on the other hand just has six random links.

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Great input @jammerdan and @IsThisOn. We are working on this now.



Make it crisp, not toooooo techy and keep it easy, short and simple.

And make clear what it is that Storj has to offer (Cloud Object storage, decentralized, absurdly resilient, secure, cheap/affordable etc. etc. )

Maybe you can even find a way to display this beautifully made Storj image:

Which I totally love.


Looking at this sub page, there seems to be a way to include images:

Then maybe this overview might be an option to include too:

@jammerdan First thank you. Yes this is really great news for everyone!

Looks like @Dominick already gave you the answer. Yes.

You have a great eye and we very much appreciate how you offer feedback and opinions on new materials so we can all do our best.