Advanced Storagenode Updater for windows GUI nodes

Updater automaticly update All GUI nodes on windows.
Work as service.
Apdates are random from 12-72h checks.
Automaticly search all gui nodes and update.
No need to configure.
Installation standart msi installer.

it my first service application, tested on my nodes.

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Hello, what was write update timeframe i used 12-72h, or it was 24-72h?

We are currently using this to decide if a storage node should update or wait:

Can you explain what the difference between your updater and our updater is? Maybe we should adopt your improvement and merge it into the storj repository?

My updater will update All GUI nodes, like in my pc there is 5 GUI nodes.
It automaticly search it and update. In your updater as i know storagenode service name is hardcoded or something and there is no posibility to make it update other nodes if have more than 1.

If you seen my toolbox, i made posible to install more than 1 GUI node to pc. just add indentity and apropriate ports and it will install. this help to keep 1 node per HDD, as if i have windows pc, it is usualy up to 6 sata ports, 1 OS hdd and up to 5 nodes can be.

Let me forward that to the developer team. I would say your requirement should be our command :smiley:

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becase people want to use mere than 1 node, lot of people use docker, but docker is slower and it is overhead. GUI node takse very small resorses, no problem with whatchtower(as we see it started to be a problem at last time)

Also i am adding trobleshooting to my toolbox, first of it already working. And step by step will add different troble footprints, some of them can fix automaticly.