Advantages of the Tezos Blockchain

You’ve posted about your preference for Tezos many times before.


This has been covered. Storj isn’t moving to another blockchain. The current title suggests you are advertising Tezos.


Ok. I just wanted to show that Tezos really solved what ETH 2.0 tried and maybe never achieved. ETH fees are exploding

How did they solve it? Many of us have seen how ETH claimed to have solved the BTC scaling problems and now you can see they just have a higher limit that is still not enough. The same goes for almost all the other blockchains. Sure they might scale better then ETH but if the hole ETH ecosystem would switch, we would reach that new limit and get the same issues again. We would only buy a bit of time but we wouldn’t solve the real issue.

ETH2 might be a solution. I am not saying the solution. I only see it as part of a bigger plan in combination with some other fun stuff like zkrollup for example.


Yes of course Tezos have also limitations. However I think Tezos will overtake Ethereum. As you said maybe a other Blockchain will perform better then Tezos if needed. And that’s the we need a PoS Chain with low Fees

= there is no advantage for us

What has that to do with the topic? Go for the number 1 market cap. Why should we care about that?

I was saying just another PoS Chain will not be better. We might buy a bit of time but in the end, we still end up in a similar situation. We will reach the new limit and the fees will go up.

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Ok. However one big advantage Tezos have formal verification. So remember DAO hack.

And today announced a lot ERC 20 Token move to Tezos.

Wrapped Storj can help Storj to lower payout costs every month

So slowly the people check ETH fees are nonsense and check Tezos solve the issue and is the better chain for real DeFi

Now you disagree with yourself. If Tezos still has a limit it has not solved the issue.