Afraid I didn't get my stefan-benten held amount

Does the dashboard just not display correctly?

Still the august payment I got was only 20 Storj more than the previous month, so I have the feeling I didn’t receive the displayed held amount.

The held amount return for stefan-benten is not reflected in the dashboard. It will also not be shown in the script. The paystub from the sat doesn’t appear to contain this info. I did get mine 100% returned though.

For my txn, the exchange rate was approx 0.47 $/STORJ. For your held amount that is about $28.36/0.47 = 60.34 Storj. You should compare the transaction USD amount on etherscan vs what the dashboard says you got in USD for August + the stefan-benten held amount, not against the previous month.

–edit-- Fixed my bad math (Thanks @Pac!)

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It shows in the payout “history” of September 2020


This is really good advice indeed, i usually only check my wallet for new tokensstorj tokens and tend to forget about the USD price dependency :wink:

Interesting. I have no ability to check for September 2020. But I probably just have to wait for the node to update this info.

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I can’t select september in the payout history.

Running 1.11.1 tho, how can I force a node service upgrade?

You probably need to restart your node to see the dashboard update.

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I believe the correct calculation would in fact be: $28.36/0.47, that is 60.3404 Storj tokens.


That did it!

It says I got paid 28 USD from stefan-benten sat, but I got only 180 Storj in total for all my 4 nodes…

well it’s not that bad.
While looks like i have to pay to sattelite :smiley:

Screen Shot 2020-09-12 at 11.37.48 AM


Without more info this sentence has no real meaning. 180 Storj are ~$93 at the moment and $93 is bigger than $28. Did you miss the increase of value of STORJ compared to USD in the last few weeks?

Yeah I know - I’d love to have a unified Dashboard that shows Payouts for each month for ALL of my nodes…

I’m gonna manually calculate the July payout and compare it to august then.

edit: It seems to add up to around 83 USD which should include the held amount! Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: