After a day, is it normal to have so much trash and

2021-06-26 221554
After a day, is it normal to have so much trash?
And it’s been a month and a half, there’s only so much disk space used.

If I had the same amount of used GB, I would have 4.14GB of trash.

It’s unnatural, don’t you think

If there are no errors or notifications as well as Suspension & Audit is okay, I think there is nothing to worry about. Do you have still some ingress? It could be possible that the storj node software lost write permissions so it can’t delete the trash. But if there are no errors and still some ingress it should be okay. Furthermore I do not know how storj decides when to delete the trash. As there is enough free space it is more efficient to wait for more trash and then delete it together.

You can’t compare older and newer nodes like this. New files are more likely to be deleted and incomplete transfers can lead to trash after garbage collection. Since all data is new and recently transfered on a new node, higher percentages of trash are to be expected.

@luckins, I don’t think it’s anything to worry about, but it might be useful to have a look at your transfer success rates by using the script here: Success rate script - Now updated for new delete terminology since v1.29.3

Post your results here so we can have a look if anything is off.

Just to get ahead of some questions that might pop up. How is your node connected to the internet? Are you using a VPN? How is your node connected to the storage? SATA/USB/SMB/NFS/iSCSI?

My node is newer than his :smiley:

Well then the comparison is more fair. All the more reason to have a look at those success rates.

I’m in China.I use VPN sometimes.My node was connected to SATA storage by USB.

When you use VPN, your node become offline. So nothing wondering that it could move pieces to trash after you were offline.

I also seem to have rather unusually large amounts of trash this month. I suspect something has been doing a lot of deletes:

   Used        Trash
  2.132 TB   45.09 GB
616.786 GB	 74.42 GB
 70.966 GB	  2.28 GB

I’m at 100% uptime and audit on all 3 nodes.

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I’ve had my node running since April 2020 with 20TB and as of now, i only have 9.48 TB used… (was at 9.62 last week, oh well).
I don’t look at it very often, don’t care much at this point, not worth much of my time.

Same, my trash is increasing significantly across both nodes.