After almost one year and a half... I keep being noob!

Well, I want to exit from storj. The current electricity price is unapproachable and the earn doesn’t worth. So I want to leave this and in fact, I don’t know where can I begin for.
First problem is try to get the money in euros… I have a wallet adress but I have NOT any idea where can go to exchange the storj tokens to euros.
The second problem is make a gentle exit… I know that I can exit in a “gentle way” but I don’t know how can do it.
I have looked for both topics in the forum but I have not could find a clear information for a sucessful exit.
I would thank any kind of help, links in the forum o whatever.
Thank you all.

You can use this guide: Graceful Exit Guide
If your undistributed earnings is less than 4x of current fee (or 9x if a new proposal would be implemented), I would recommend to enable zkSync to receive a final payout in the next payout period.

Regarding converting to fiat you can read this article:

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Thank you very much. I’m going to take a look at this.

I’ve used Kraken to sell my STORJ for EUR. It’s worked for me nicely. Don’t think they support zkSync, though.

Kraken does not yet accept deposits of ERC20 tokens like STORJ on L2, however, you can do a L2 → L1 withdrawal from a zkSync wallet using a regular STORJ deposit address from Kraken exchange or any other exchange that has listed STORJ token. ZkSync has also hinted that the exchanges they partnered with (Coinbase, Huobi and Binance) are expected to support direct L2 deposits soon (they did not provide a timeline for this.)

I don’t understand what L2 and L1 means… I have read about that but maybe the english language is an issue for me. I have a count in Kraken but I could’n be able to make anything… I keep trying ir.

L1 = Layer 1, onchain transactions on the original ethereum blockchain
L2 = Layer 2, transaction taking place on a sidechain or similar solution, such as zkSync

Please read our documentation about the different payout options offered for node operators here, and to learn how to opt in to zkSync, please read this section.

L1 = normal STORJ
L2 = STORJ paid with zkSync

thank you… I’m going to look into this. And thank you for the simplification… the english language and the ignorance get it all complicated.