After auto-upgrade to 1.3.3 version I cannot see old payout data

Hey folks,

I have deployed storj docker node and watchtower for auto-upgrade.
My node got auto-upgraded to new version 1.3.3.

When I look at the payout information tab, I can see data for month of May but no data for month of April.
I am not sure if the upgrade went smoothly.
I cannot see any errors in the logs.

Can someone who has upgraded to version 1.3.3 confirm if this is okay and whether you are also not able to see the payout history?

Thank you.

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I am having exactly same problem with all my nodes. I can see data for May, and previous months before April, but April itself is 0. I used to have April data before Upgrade. Is it because it is waiting on satellite to calculate and provide the actual value instead of using value from the nodes database?

Same here, no data for previous months.

The data will be pushed to nodes when the payout will be completed.
However, the past information is still misleading:

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