After change mi config for the new version, my node is offline

After a few days “offline” changing my configuration so that my node works with the latest version, when it works it now appears as “OFFLINE”

[root @ storj mnt] # docker logs -f storagenode
2019-10-07T02: 36: 50.525Z INFO Configuration loaded from: /app/config/config.yaml
2019-10-07T02: 36: 50.573Z INFO Operator email:
2019-10-07T02: 36: 50.573Z INFO operator wallet: 0xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2019-10-07T02: 36: 51.643Z INFO version running on version v0.22.1
2019-10-07T02: 36: 51.935Z INFO db.migration. 23 Split into multiple sqlite databases
2019-10-07T02: 38: 18.700Z INFO db.migration.24 Drop unneeded tables in deprecatedInfoDB
2019-10-07T02: 38: 18.879Z INFO db.migration.25 Remove address from satellites table
2019-10-07T02: 38: 18.881Z INFO db.migration Database Version {“version”: 25}
2019-10-07T02: 38: 18.898Z INFO contact: chore Storagenode contact chore starting up
2019-10-07T02: 38: 18.913Z INFO bandwidth Performing bandwidth usage rollups
2019-10-07T02: 38: 18.917Z INFO piecestore: Remaining Bandwidth monitor {“bytes”: 5989551160832}
2019-10-07T02: 38: 18.932Z INFO orders.12L9ZFwhzVpuEKMUNUqkaTLGzwY9G24tbiigLiXpmZWKwmcNDDs sending {“count”: 1}
2019-10-07T02: 38: 18.952Z INFO orders.118UWpMCHzs6CvSgWd9BfFVjw5K9pZbJjkfZJexMtSkmKxvvAW sending {“count”: 120}
2019-10-07T02: 38: 18.953Z INFO Node 1HJzmgjrzd7dyCDYyN1NpkcmUF2CaFZpo3mREyXgjXZVNH3Hpr started
2019-10-07T02: 38: 18.953Z INFO Public server started on [::]: 28967
2019-10-07T02: 38: 18.953Z INFO Private server started on
2019-10-07T02: 38: 19.065Z INFO version running on version v0.22.1
2019-10-07T02: 38: 20.856Z INFO orders.12L9ZFwhzVpuEKMUNUqkaTLGzwY9G24tbiigLiXpmZWKwmcNDDs finished
2019-10-07T02: 38: 21.802Z INFO orders.118UWpMCHzs6CvSgWd9BfFVjw5K9pZbJjkfZJexMtSkmKxvvAW finished

Did you read this ?

Online Status
Storage nodes are sending a checkin message to the satellite once per hour. No other kademlia message that would reset the last contact on the dashboard. We have replaced it with an OFFLINE/ONLINE idicator. Online is everything that has received a message in the last 2 hours.
Vetted nodes should get messages frequently and the idicator should work fine. Unvetted nodes might see OFFLINE after a restart for a few minutes because we designed the checkin methode in a way that storage nodes will not send a message on every restart (don’t DDOS the satellite)

What configuration did you change?

Thanks for the clarification, my node is already working.
Regarding the change I made, I had my node connected through SMB and now I have it connected directly