After how many days down is it no longer worth repairing

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After how many days of being down is it just better to walk away from the ID and ungracefully exit eg will it will take me months to get % back up to an acceptable level , Have been hosting on this ID for 9 months and down for 2 days so far, should I persist or reroll?

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hmm thank you , so the TSDU (To Stupid Didnt Understand) answer is 3 days?


Where did you get 3 days from?

You currently won’t even be suspended with 288 hours of downtime. And even if you do get suspended, you get a week to fix it. If the 30 days after that your node matches the minimum requirements, you will be fine.
Time to recover from suspension, should the worst happen, is at max a month.

I expect the allowed down time to drop over time, but the week of time to fix it likely won’t. So the answer is at least a week.

In short, unless you’ve been offline for more than a week, you should always try to fix the node.

I thought this suspension for downtime wasn’t implemented yet:

Downtime Tracking
The satellite is now tracking the downtime of storage nodes. The satellite will also add and remove downtime suspension mode. Downtime suspension mode has no effect right now. A downtime suspended node will still get selected for uploads. We want to see how it works before we enable the penalties.

@BrightSilence, did I miss something?

Well you get suspended, it just doesn’t have an effect yet. But you should probably act like it does. It will soon enough.

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