After node's storage increase what happens?


I just want know what happens in case you have a node running of 1TB, let’s say during 8 months, and then you increase the storage to 4TB. The node will have to run the vetting phase again or maybe will be already trusted?


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The vetting performed only once, the adding space do not reset the reputation.

Thanks Alexey,

Then I guess that the earnings will change accordingly to the new space allocated and used by that time right?

yes the allocated space can be both adjusted up and down in case you want to decrease the node size for whatever reason… ofc reducing a node’s size will depend on the deletions, but you can essentially start a node of 500gb and fill that, then size it up to 20tb let it grow to that size and then change it back to 500gb and then wait for it to have 19.5tb worth of deletions… which will take a while…

but yeah the allocated space of a storagenode is an adjustable parameter over time…

migrating storagenodes between different hdd’s can be a bit of a task because it contains tons and tons of little files… so depending on the hardware it can take anywhere from a day to a week i think is about the avg for most SNO’s

so expect that, and i would try to limit it as much as possible…

he said as he prepares to migrate his now 14 tb node for the 4th time in 7 months… hehe
don’t do as i do…do as i say :smiley:

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Hi all,

Maybe this has been answered elsewhere but bear with me, I’m really new to docker.
When I increase my disk size and allocate more disk space to storj, how do I update the storagenode container config to reflect the change?

docker run “-e STORAGE=” wont do, because the name storagenode already exists, right?
So how do I update the configuration? Is it updated while live or do I need “docker restart storagenode”?

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Thanks, good to be here & thanks for the info, exactly what I needed.

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