After restarting node, on the dashboard, it shows that my node is offline

I checked the logs… no errors… Checked that the port forwarding was fine… Everything is OK but I have no idea why it shows up offline…

Make sure your no-ip DUC is running same with net time. Also if you are on windows 10 try restarting the storage node service in services.

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I can suggest you to go through this checklist:

I’m not doing it through No-ip. I’m tunneling it through ngrok, and it’s worked before. And also, I’m running it on a pi4.

Can you make sure you Pi’s local ip has not changed. Make sure it is set to static.

Do you know if your WAN ip has changed?

why does the local ip matter? it shouldnt… its a tunnel thru ngrok and my local wan wouldnt matter either… do you know what your talking about

Oh, sorry, It would have mattered if the local ip witch was port forwarded was assigned to a new device (but I guess that would not matter for you since you are using a tunnel). That is what my router does so I use DHCP reservations. Sorry I am not to familiar with tunneling. It is also difficult to read a string of posts of mobile… :frowning:

Is your port open here: ?

Yes, it is reachable from the outside… and @Enzo no worries

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Let’s check your identity

docker exec -it storagenode grep -c BEGIN /app/identity/ca.cert
docker exec -it storagenode grep -c BEGIN /app/identity/identity.cert

Hmmm… I don’t have access to my SN right now but I believe I checked it before… There were only 4 files inside the folder so maybe the script didn’t sign it correctly the first time… I did delete my original node in hopes of it working, but I haven’t had a chance to set it up again. If you’re wondering, I’m running it on a Raspberry Pi 4 running Ubuntu Server 19.10.

With data? Then you should delete an identity too. If you have only 4 files, it more like unsigned.
In this case you should generate a new identity, request an authorization token and sign the identity.
Please, generate the identity on some powerful device, the RPi4 could take a week or more to generate it.

Alright, thanks. I will try this ASAP :slight_smile: