All good things…

It appears the recent peak of ingress traffic is finally slowing down…

It was good while it lasted :slight_smile:


yep, seeing the same thing.

as shown in the third graph, “mustard” color satellite is EU1…looks like they might have slowed down the huge ingress we were seeing from that satellite, which people were speculating was a bunch of free accounts just uploading data.

Last 30 days, there was 10PB of data uploaded, how much free account are needed to do it?


Assuming they created the account before the 3th of April:
10PB: 1024 * 1024 * 10 = 10485760GB
10485760 / 150 = 69905

70k accounts/mail adresses

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This assumes nothing was deleted, which definitely wasn’t the case.

the slowing down of ingress magicaly started at the annoucement that the payout are going to be divided by 50 to aprox 75%

Don’t know if this is related in any way , but it is strange.

was getting 100/110 GB by day on 5 different node with 5 different IP

i am now in the 40/50 GB by day


I was commenting on the calculation, not the data in the free tier abuser accounts.

It’s hard to think that it’s 10PB of abuse. It’s also unlikely to be related to SNO remuneration, why would the two be linked?
I would imagine there was a new client being onboarded. Hope they have lots more data and put it to lots of use! :wink:

Yes, there are often times that customers migrate from other cloud storage providers and that will show up as a very large burst of ingress. That being said, we have taken steps to limit free tier abuse. See ‘Why are you changing the free tier limit for new accounts?’.

For timing on when the data will be removed, see ‘Q: How will Storj minimize impacts to Storj Node Operators?’ for how we plan on minimizing the impacts to node operators on the payout changes and removal of any data.


Chia k32 plotsize requirements is 108GB, and was under that free amt. Now that that limit is lower, and ingress has greatly slowed, it seems the changes were effective to stop this abuse.
As the data must be read to submit proof of space and time, i don’t see how they wouldn’t hit the egress limits quickly. Maybe we will see those accounts stagnate and be cleaned up.


Looking at the Grafana dashboard, those 70k accounts were created between 3rd and 21st of March…

I do believe that based on internal statistics Storj has the clear view if this is free tier abuse or real customer data.

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Well, if we have “The Great Delete of 2023” in the next few days then we’ll know it was abuse data :wink:

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At least it was a crazy little load test.

Good point. I would imagine the network just took it in its stride? I certainly still had plenty of bandwidth and storage space left… :slight_smile:

Lol. I guess the network didn’t even notice…

Some of my nodes did though. They got hammered like crazy.

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