Storj Free Tier Update for New Accounts: 25 GB Storage

Hello Storj Community,

We want to keep you in the loop with an important update regarding our free tier storage for new accounts. Starting from April 3rd, 2023, the free tier limit for new accounts will be set at 25 GB storage and 25 GB egress. This change will not affect existing accounts created before the switchover date, which will continue at the 150 GB free tier limit. We have prepared a FAQ section below to address some of the most common questions regarding this change.

Why are you changing the free tier limit for new accounts?

As Storj continues to grow and evolve, we need to ensure the sustainability of our platform. This change will help us maintain the quality of our services, reduce abuse, and continue providing a reliable, high-performance decentralized cloud storage solution for new and existing users.

When will this change take effect?

The new 25 GB free tier limit will apply to accounts created on or after April 3rd, 2023.

Will this change affect existing accounts?

No, this change will not affect existing accounts created before April 3rd, 2023. These accounts will continue at the 150 GB free tier limit.

What are the pricing options for new users who need more than 25 GB of storage and/or egress?

For new users who require more storage than the 25 GB free tier limit, they can upgrade to a Pro Account. You can find more details about our pricing at

Will this change impact the performance or features available to free tier users?

No, the performance and features available to free tier users, both new and existing, remain unchanged. This update only affects the amount of storage and egress included in the free tier for new accounts.

What are the limits of the new free tier?

See our documentation for the details of the new free tier. Usage Limits - Storj DCS Docs

Will there be any further changes to the free tier in the future?

We will continue to evaluate the free tier after this change and make adjustments as needed to maintain the quality of our services going forward.

We appreciate your understanding and continued support as we implement this change to ensure the continued growth and improvement of Storj. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out here on the forum.

Thank you for being a part of the Storj Community.

Best regards, The Storj Team


why not change old account to this, i thin 3 months notice will be ok for this change.


This page has not yet been updated. And there are quite a few more.

Try this google search to find them all: 150GB - Google Search
Satellite signup pages don’t show up in this search (probably excluded from spidering), though I guess those will be automatically updated once the change goes live. (looks like it’s included in the change listed for v1.76)

I also agree with @vadim that existing accounts should also be updated eventually with sufficient notice. I’d be happy to start paying for my relatively small usage again.


The satellite deployment that includes these updates is currently in progress.

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Good move. But I think the bandwidth should x2 or x3 of disk space. Anyway, good move. The registration process should be harden too, otherwise this limitation will be useless because they can easily create mutiple accounts to bypass it.

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need to connect account to phone number or something like this

Why x2/3? Are you downloading all available data each month? It’s a free tier to test things out, not another Dropbox. You can fill it, store, test bandwidth both ways. What else do you need? If you are serious about it, you are going to contact Storj and they will probably unlock you more bandwidth when you say you need to showcase this to your boss or sth. Or you can wait for next month to do it. And after that? Either register and pay or get outcontinue using your free tier account.


Please note that creating multiple accounts on the same satellite is against our ToS and accounts found to be in violation of ToS will be dealt with accordingly.


any existing mechanism to detect and prevent this?

Yes there are ways to detect abuse.


I would like to ask the team to make an announcement about such a big change via email well before it becomes in effect. Not everyone checks this forum often, and I do not want to get a message about unsuccessful payment like only 30 min after the email about the ToS update. That should not be the way of conducing a business, IMO.


it is only for new accounts, not for old one yet

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I got the email

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Right. Your existing account still shows original $1.62/month promotion, doesn’t it?

$1.65 actually. But for a new accounts it will be lower


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