Profit and traffic decrease


My node shares 10TB on a fast network, the HDD is of adequate speed, so far I have achieved a dynamic monthly growth of 500GB+, my income was around $30-$34/month.
This month, according to graphana, with the same network utilization, no extra data was received, all my metrics are konstans.used/free/trash
The system projects my income to be $10 less
There are no errors in the logs, the node is 100% online.
What do you think the problem might be?

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Thanks for the reply.
According to the official announcement, the price change took place at those sites where my traffic was low until now.

Hello @lovaszl
More than the change of pricing for the test satellite, what is affecting you (and all storage node operators) is a decrease of traffic this month, maybe related to the policy in terms of free account and ban of some free accounts to limit abuse.

Anyway as I said, all nodes operator are seeing more or less a decrease by 20-30% of the estimated payment for this month and noticed a decrease of egress and ingress, so your node should be perfectly fine.


Thanks, I wasn’t paying enough attention before the question. So I understand everything and thank you, the topic can be closed or deleted