All nodes showing offline

Hi everyone,

i’m running 4 nodes (Windows) in different countries and different households and for whatever reason, all 4 were showing as offline. The field where the version number is shown was empty, showing only a V. The Storj Wallet Address was also empty.

After restarting both services, the nodes were showing as being online again.

The weirdest part is that i have UpTimeRobot configured to alert me once any of them is down, but i got no warning, and if i check the site, everything is green for the last days.

Just wondering if someone else experienced this issue.


When was the last time you updated these nodes?
Which version are they in?

They are all running in Windows, so the update should occur automagically :wink:

Currently all are in version 1.14.7.


Make sure to do not use an Internet Explorer for checking your dashboards.
Also, it’s worth to try a Ctrl-F5 first.
Then please, use this checklist:

Thanks for your reply. I’m using Firefox to check the dashboards.

Like i’ve said before, just found it weird that it happened on all 4 nodes located in different countries and different households and that none of them triggered the uptimerobot.

But all is working now.


Looks like a refresh issue in the browser. Or old version (1.13.3 or older).