All statistic was set to zero

Hi! My storj node works 24/7. And few minutes ago I decided to check statistic and found strange thing. All statistic was set to zero. I tried to choose satellites, but nothing happened. I pushed “refresh button” in a header of the page and still got zero statistic. I tried to refresh page, but no results (still zero). But status was “ONLINE” (look at screenshot below). I checked “docker ps -a” - everything works. Then I decided to reboot whole node and now it works fine.

Could you add LOG output to web GUI ?

May be it would be better to add “force” checking of status. I mean web GUI should show alert if all stat set to zero with 200GB data in storage.

Check HDD, looks like it cant get DB, Be fast, sattelite can DQ you forever.
be offline is better than sattelite will think you lost data.

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Please, check all your databases:

Started checking HDD for bad blocks. But it is new HDD. I don’t think it will be a lot of problems.

Now node is working. I can see no alerts in “docker logs storagenode”

Begun to read “How to fix a “database disk image is malformed””.
But now I don’t have enough time :frowning: I have to go. I’ll do it later. Is it possible to check integrity using script?

linux is not my best, but check mounting folder, that you HDD mount not braked, then it will see a just folter of your OS, not mounted HDD.

HDD mounted correctly (using fstab). It works.
I’ll check integrity of all db files. But there are so many steps :frowning: Why there are no script that does it automatically? It is strange. I mean like

“docker exec -it **** /app/”

It’ll be very useful to create this script!

docker run --rm -it --mount type=bind,source=$PWD,destination=/data sstc/sqlite3 find . -iname *.db -maxdepth 1 -print -exec sqlite3 '{}' 'PRAGMA INTEGRITY_CHECK;' ';'

replace $PWD with the absolute path to the databases location.
The storagenode must be stopped.


Just fixed a problem: bad power supply of HDD :frowning:

HDD said: “Structure Needs Cleaning”. After that I used “fsck” to restore it. HDD works fine. I copied and checked all *.db files and there are a lot of mistakes:

root@alex-pc:~/storj# find -name *.db -exec echo -n '{} - ’ ; -exec sqlite3 ‘{}’ ‘PRAGMA INTEGRITY_CHECK;’ ‘;’
bandwidth.db - *** in database main ***
Page 494: btreeInitPage() returns error code 11
Page 492: btreeInitPage() returns error code 11
… ~20 same problems …
Page 472: btreeInitPage() returns error code 11
Page 468: btreeInitPage() returns error code 11
Error: database disk image is malformed
heldamount.db - ok
info.db - ok
notifications.db - ok
orders.db - ok
piece_expiration.db - ok
pieceinfo.db - ok
piece_spaced_used.db - ok
pricing.db - ok
reputation.db - ok
revocations.db - Error: file is not a database
satellites.db - ok
storage_usage.db - ok
used_serial.db - ok

Now I begin to restore “bandwidth.db”. But I have a question about “revocations.db”. Should I try to restore “revocations.db” or it is not a true DB file?

I followed instructions from article: “How to fix a “database disk image is malformed”

And now almost all DB files OK. Except “revocations.db”.

root@alex-pc:~/storj# find -name *.db -exec echo -n '{} - ’ ; -exec sqlite3 ‘{}’ ‘PRAGMA INTEGRITY_CHECK;’ ‘;’
./storage/revocations.db - Error: file is not a database
./storage/storage/piece_spaced_used.db - ok
./storage/storage/reputation.db - ok
./storage/storage/piece_expiration.db - ok
./storage/storage/orders.db - ok
./storage/storage/satellites.db - ok
./storage/storage/heldamount.db - ok
./storage/storage/bandwidth.db - ok
./storage/storage/info.db - ok
./storage/storage/notifications.db - ok
./storage/storage/pieceinfo.db - ok
./storage/storage/used_serial.db - ok
./storage/storage/pricing.db - ok
./storage/storage/storage_usage.db - ok

I’ll try to start node and check if it works without recovering “revocations.db”.

Everything is fixed. Node has status “ONLINE”. I don’t see any failed audits (should I?) when I execute:

docker logs storagenode 2>&1 | grep GET_AUDIT | grep failed | grep open -c

And I don’t see any disqualification notice in web GUI. I hope that problem is solved. And there is no reason to restore “revocations.db” (may be it is not even a true DB file).

The revocations.db in a different format, so you can ignore it.