Allocated disk space stopped growing at the beginning of month

I have two nodes on the same IP. One has 8TB allocated space, the other one has 0.5TB. Big node has been created 45 days ago. The small one is 12 days old. Neither is full.

Until the end of last month, I had allocated space growing about 84GB per day for the big node, and 16GB per day for the small one.

Starting from the first of July, the big one dropped to 16GB per day and the small one to 7.4

Increase in allocated space per day: blue is the big node, orange the small one.

I was wondering if there is a reason why the traffic dropped at the beginning of the month.

Is there anything I can do, can stopping the small node provide any benefit?

Check this thread: Bandwidth utilization comparison thread

The testing paused at the beginning of the month so we all saw low ingress.