Allow for selection by monthly payout in dashboard display

What’s interesting though: Payment is complete but on the SNOboard WebUi I can’t even select the month July…
Would be good if the satellites provided that information when the announcement is being made, so that SNOs can immediately check the data.

I’m on 1.9.5 btw

The storagenode takes the actual payout information from the satellites, it takes time to load this data to the satellites’ databases and then sync it down to the storagenodes.
Storagenodes load information from the satellites one or two times per 24h.
So, you will see the information approximately after 12 hours from payout completion.

The current plan is to show the estimation on the payout until it got updated to the actual one. But I have no ETA when it would be implemented.


So why isn’t there a stallite based thing we can login to for seeing held amounts and such? These are already incredibly powerful servers, i think even allowing us to see this via API would be nice.

It’s exist - http://localhost:14002
For other ways - do not forget about privacy. If this information will be publicly available it could break a several laws about private information.
Here is instruction how to access it remotely:

The showing estimation while there is no actual payout available is implemented and released in the 1.11.1