Allow to temporarily stop all uploads

It would be nice to have the functionality to stop all uploads for the purposes of SN troubleshooting/repair temporarily, regardless of actual allocated and free space on the drive.

Disable port forwarding on your router

What happens to audits? Also that will stop downloads too.

I used to simply deny Internet access before, but new versions won’t start without satellite access anymore.

The simple way is to reduce the allocation to 500GB. It will not accept any new ingress, but pass audits and offer downloads from your node.


Yes, but not in case there’s less than 500 GB data which is likely for somebody who’s just starting and configured something incorrectly or is having issues at the start.

Then you can reduce it to that level.

The universe is cyclic so I can now answer your next question…

The term of use say 500 but that is not enforced

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I can not, see below.

Yes it is, if you try to set it under, you get an error message.

The error would be helpful if it said “space set to less than set in config” wouldn’t it?

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there’s a line in config.yaml that you can change and then it allows you to go below 500GB

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I know there is a setting to allow it to go below 500 GB, but this is not officially supported nor advertised.

it’s an open source project, the programming is made so its easy to adapt for other purpose… the 500gb limit is there because essentially in some places you would use more electricity to run a 500gb hdd than it would earn… so less than that and you get to the point where fewer and fewer people can actually run it to make money on it and thus… not recommended…

there is no hardware, software or network reason you cannot go lower than 500gb…


Right but it would be nice to have some kind of “troubleshooting toolbox” where you could press all sort of helpful buttons that aid recovery in case of mishaps or problems. Especially the big red nuke button named “When all else fails”.

Some people are here for the long run and avoid the big red button at any cost. I guess I am spoiled with cherry picked software that “does it all”.

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