Allow unity upload factor

Storj could have an option for companies with a lot of data to pay to upload at 1.0 (or perhaps slightly higher, e.g. 1.1) expansion factor and then have the satellite sort out the redundancy. Nodes could be paid at a reduced fee, similar to repair egress, to send the data, and satellite would then perform a “redundancy upload” to get the Reed Solomon pieces up to the required amount. Perhaps allow nodes to choose to participate in this or not.

Nodes with enough bandwidth could choose and earn a minor amount of extra money and data, and customers would be able to upload at a higher speed if they have a lot of data to upload. Perhaps offer this at a very low or no profit margin as a “courtesy”.

The math is against this. With 1x there is no redundancy at all. So you need exactly all pieces to reconstruct the file. One is down and file is lost.
1.1x like 27/30/30 is too risky and too expensive - the satellite must repair any one lost piece before too late.

For the 1x expansion factor (in regard of bandwidth usage) such a companies can use the Gateway MT without sacrifice of resiliency:


Well I meant to have 1.1 for just a very short time, until satellite orders a “repair” to full 2.7x~ expansion, but I completely forgot that the public gateway solves this issue. Not needed as the gateway will have this feature.