An Ultimate backup! Parts on all nodes!

Make additional option to super backup a file.

It will distribute file multiple times, normally it maks 80 parts, and 30 is needed to restore it fully, if i remember correctly.

How about extra option “keep always above […] parts online”

So the customer can choose number, how safe he/she want to be with the file.

For example i want to upload my backup and pay extra so the system keeps 1000 parts always online.

How about someone want his file to be distributed to ALL NODES, in case of armaggedon to get most probability, if the dust comes down, there will still be at least 30 nodes to restore the file :smiley:

Ofccours that will cost, but the customer got the money, but there is noone who will give him the kind of service!? STORJ can! like noone else!, What a marketing can be done out of it just imagine! And traffic for node operators, and money for keeping the HDD filled as well! What do You think?


Idea is interesting, but who will pay for extra recovering parts?
Also usualy when 80 parts it is overhead in size 2.5 times. this overhead is hidden in price.
but who will pay 1000/80=12.5 times more overhead. so 10mb file usualy 25MB in storj. so in 1000 pieces is its 300+ MB from 10 MB no one will want to pay so much.


This idea is outlined in the Whitepaper | 6.1 Hot files and content delivery. We want to implement this functionality sometime in the future.