Android App for Synchronization / Backup



If you want a good Android app to synchronize/backup folders from your phone to Tardigrade / Storj, please comment:

  • If you want such an app.
  • Whether you’re willing to pay a few dollars for it or not.
  • The developer will only create the app if there is enough demand, so please comment and ask others who would like to have such an app to comment as well.

If you want to get to know the features of the app, please have a look at the User‘s Guide:

Or on any „Sync“ Apps from


There is a developer “MetaCtrl” who has already released several “Sync” apps for Android.

The “Sync” apps are available for various cloud providers such as Dropbox, Google Cloud, OneDrive and others. The apps have a lot of and good feedback, so they work as they should. I talked to “MetaCtrl” and he never heard of the Storj project, but was interested in it.

He told me that he might be willing to create another sync app for Tardigrade / Storj. But he would only do that if there was a demand. Besides: Nobody works for free, so currently you can sync / backup one folder pair in his apps. If you want to sync unlimited folders you have to pay a few $.

What does the App do?

Better explanation on

  1. You connect the app with Tardigrade (bucket creation -> API key must be copied into the app)
  2. You create folder pairs. This means that you select a folder on your phone and select a folder in your bucket and choose how you want it to synchronise. (Two-Way / Upload Only / Upload Then Delete etc.)
  3. The app always runs in the background or on demand. (Yes, there are automatic energy savings)
  4. The app detects if there is a new file on your phone or in your bucket and syncs it immediately. (If you want only if you use Wifi and if you have enough battery etc.)

Example of a use case: Your phone stores your photos and videos in the DCIM / Camera folder. If you add this folder as a folder pair and take a photo, it is uploaded immediately. If you now break your phone, your photos and videos are stored.

So you can decide what’s important to you and only sync that.

Use case in the future: Someone will probably create an app like Dropbox. So if you take a photo, it would be uploaded to Storj, then it would be downloaded to your computer. The best thing about it is that you can now delete unneeded pictures from your computer and they will be deleted on your phone.

So once again. The developer will only create an app for us if there is a demand for it. So please comment if you want such an app and if you would pay a few dollars for it.

I will collect the feedback from this post and give feedback to the developer. This seems to be a better way than having everyone spam him.

Thank you for your time.

I like this especially as an automated backup solution. Especially with the upload and delete feature. If it’s a good app I’d be willing to pay for extended features, but I like to try an app for a bit first before paying. It sounds like that’s already possible, so yeah, would be great!