Angry small node gone offline and ungrateful exit

I spent 2 hours of my precious time to make that storagenode live again. I have read a bunch of faqs, troubleshootings and topics here. I don’t want to spend more time on this so I’m out and here is why:

  1. 8 TB storagenode was succesfully running on raspberry pi 4 for a month, and then just went dead for no reason (no hardware problem, no hands on that linux, the port is opened, a lot of disk space). Probably it’s somehow connected with auto updates – I don’t want to explore someones other mistakes:
 sudo docker exec -it storagenode /app/
2023-07-03T06:10:17.716Z        INFO    Configuration loaded    {"process": "storagenode", "Location": "/app/config/config.yaml"}
2023-07-03T06:10:17.717Z        INFO    Invalid configuration file key  {"process": "storagenode", "Key": "healthcheck.details"}
2023-07-03T06:10:17.718Z        INFO    Invalid configuration file key  {"process": "storagenode", "Key": "storage.allocated-bandwidth"}
2023-07-03T06:10:17.719Z        INFO    Invalid configuration file key  {"process": "storagenode", "Key": "console.address"}
2023-07-03T06:10:17.720Z        INFO    Invalid configuration file key  {"process": "storagenode", "Key": "contact.external-address"}
2023-07-03T06:10:17.720Z        INFO    Invalid configuration file key  {"process": "storagenode", "Key": "server.address"}
2023-07-03T06:10:17.720Z        INFO    Invalid configuration file key  {"process": "storagenode", "Key": "storage.allocated-disk-space"}
2023-07-03T06:10:17.720Z        INFO    Invalid configuration file key  {"process": "storagenode", "Key": "healthcheck.enabled"}
2023-07-03T06:10:17.721Z        INFO    Invalid configuration file key  {"process": "storagenode", "Key": ""}
2023-07-03T06:10:17.721Z        INFO    Invalid configuration file key  {"process": "storagenode", "Key": "operator.wallet"}
2023-07-03T06:10:17.722Z        INFO    Invalid configuration file key  {"process": "storagenode", "Key": "server.private-address"}
2023-07-03T06:10:17.723Z        INFO    Invalid configuration file key  {"process": "storagenode", "Key": "operator.wallet-features"}
2023-07-03T06:10:17.724Z        INFO    Invalid configuration file key  {"process": "storagenode", "Key": "version.server-address"}
2023-07-03T06:10:17.725Z        INFO    Anonymized tracing enabled      {"process": "storagenode"}
2023-07-03T06:10:17.736Z        INFO    Identity loaded.        {"process": "storagenode", "Node ID":
  1. For one month this storagenode was filled with about 300 Gb of data and spent a 1 Terabyte+ of internet traffic. So it will take a 30 month to fill just one 8Tb HDD?

  2. For one month the hardware (Pi + HDD + router) spent ~ $4 for electricity. Even If my HDD was full, I won’t get any payout before ETH fee requirements will come acceptable. I even don’t want to calculate how much months I should wait and what percent of electricity charges it will cover.
    And yes, there is some sort of trashy crypto payments like zkBlock or something. But you won’t het rich enough with that too because of converting trashy things into money :wink:

  3. It was fun until it worked. Let’s be honest: I used that Pi anyway and that HDD was spinning anyway too. But storagenode just died. I spent hours to setup this (I’m not a linux guru), I spent hours to fix it. I understand that even if I got lucky, I’ll fix it in further again because new update can hold mistakes.
    So. for a month Storj was using my hardware and spent my time and electricity for free.
    The correct answers to go:
    “We could pay you some day. Later. Probably.”
    “Meh, your node is too small, why you actually start all this?”
    “So, you’re leaving. That’s why we never pay to newbies and keep 75% of their neverpayment”
    “Why do you think it’s not YOURS mistake you got it oflline, boi, huh?”
    “Can you provide more infos and perform a series of useless checks to make it alive?” (I wont)

As I said, it was fun, guys. But if you really want to rent some unused space, your software should be housewife-proof, not a geeky spaceship over watercloset booth, and you should pay something material to motivate further partnership, every month. I got nothing but headache.

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Why you chose linux if dont know how to debug it? Windows GUI is user friendly, almost plug and play. And yes it is long time game. I started about 3-4 years ago, today i making 600+$ a month.

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I guess it just wasn’t a good fit for you. Storj is definitely not a get rich quick deal. You won’t make much money until your node fills up, which does indeed take a while. As for “housewife-proof” I’ll skip over the misogynistic undertones, but requiring some technical setup actually has some upsides for the network. It ensures that the people running nodes have some technical know-how and those people are much more likely to also be able to keep their node running 24/7 reliably.

I’m sorry if that’s not you and you ended up spending time on this without success. As you have clearly looked around the forums, you also know that there are lots of people here who are willing to help out with issues. If you’ve made your decision, that’s fine. But you should have considered posting your issue earlier and asking for help. Most issues can be fairly easily resolved with a little bit of help.

If I may ask, why did you decide to register a forum account and post after the decision to exit was made? Just curious.


Sometimes a look from the side is important to understand “why the things go wrong”.

Hello @scolger,
Welcome to the forum!

I suspect the easy issue like WAN IP has changed, or your ISP placed you behind their NAT (CGNAT).
The mentioned info messages are not errors actually, the storagenode-updater uses the same config, but doesn’t recognize some options, related to storagenode itself, so may be ignored.
The actual errors have a level “ERROR” or “FATAL”. And they could prevent your node from start, if they are related to the disk (it would mention blobs or the disk and read or write timeout), databases (it would mention database) or inability to connect your node from outside (“ping satellite failed”).

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The answer is obvious: I already had raspberry pi with low power consumption. Yes, there are probably some sort of nano-ITX windows systems that will (?) work with power consumption 10-15 watts per hour. But I won’t buy them just for Storj - it’s another investment that will never compensate.
And it’s not about “debug it”. It’s about time I need to search, to try, to check. I did nothing wrong with that node. Actually, I did nothing. It’s just broke up, so I see the unstable solution with a lot of explanations from it’s developers I really don’t care.

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Nope. My IP hasn’t changed for a years, it’s static.
And of cource I read those ‘node troubleshooting’, I grepped for FATAL and ERROR log entries. So okay, let’s blame it on blobs and hardware and continue to option “Why do you think it’s not YOURS mistake you got it offlline, boi, huh?”

You said this, nobody else. Everyone else tried to help.

Besides, plenty of people here run nodes completely hands off for years. Node logs are exhaustive and easy to read in case some issues arise. Setting up Kuma or UptimeRobot to notify you if something goes amiss is also not a rocket science. So, I guess you are right here? If you can’t keep node online and don’t want to ask for help — don’t run the node? :man_shrugging:

I’m not sure what point are you trying to make.


I don’t see anyone blaming you. I just see people willing to help you. But I guess it’s useful to ask. Do you want any help, or did you just want to vent? Either is fine by me, but if it’s the latter I don’t think people should be wasting time to help you with something you don’t want any help with.

If you would like help, it seems you already know what to do, since you’ve looked at other topics. Provide logs (especially errors). If the process is running but the node is offline, check whether the port is actually accessible from outside. If you’re not interested in fixing it at all, please just let us know.


If not why are you even here? You could have easily just stopped instead of coming on the forum…I have ran on my PI4 for 4 years now and I have learned manythings along the way. Each time improving on my setup. SDcards fail etc etc sometimes for no reason external hds cause issues if you dont mount the drive correctly. If you dont learn from other peoples mistakes then its pointless to even post on here to begin with.