Announcement: major storage node release (potential config changes needed!)

I think the change should be reverted:

  • Make the databases completely optional unless those which are required. There are node operators who do not care about the statistics and histroy. So everyone who does not care could opt out and provide better performance by doing so.
  • I have suggested it many times, still I don’t know if it is fully possible: Move databases to RAM only and make backup to disk in configurable intervals.
  • Revert the change, make it configurable if only ordered data is stored because many SNOs have the databases already on SSDs so there is no performance gain from that change.
  • Saving bandwidth to a cache (I hope it is RAM cache?) seems fine. If you need more performance increase interval when to flush it to disk. Once ever 10 minutes or even 15 minutes should be sufficient.

And yes, as node operator I want accurate information what the node is doing.