Another crypto exchange has the funds stolen

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This is why all my crypto is in my own wallet, thankyouverymuch…

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I wouldn’t trust a crypto exchange in a country like turkey to begin with.


I wouldn’t trust anything to do with Turkey these days the way their President is going!

Lets not get into geopolitical issues that probably none of us know enough about to have a well informed opinion on. Additionally, lets not judge people by the country they were born in with broad generalizations either. That said, I have no problem saying that the guy who did this is scum.


I was only referring to the rather dubious legal system in Turkey. Just as I wouldn’t trust exchanges in other countries with problematic legal systems.

I’m perfectly happy to judge the current leadership of Turkey by their actions. They hardly added to regional stability by their aiding Azerbaijan against Armenia in the recent war between the two - and a lot of people died as a result.

Yeah… so lets not do that…

This is not the place for those discussions. I’m sure there are plenty of forums where you can discuss that though.